Sunday, March 8, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama - 44th President of The United States
Barack Hussein Obama -

I love you more than I have loved any other president before you. There are many reasons, the factuality and logic of which are often questionable, that I love you.

I love you, Barack Hussein Obama, because your story is America's story, and I like to believe that America's story is one of diversity, hope, and achievement, against the odds, through intellect, and force of will.

I love you, Barack Hussein Obama, because you chose to forgo wealth and prestige to work with the disenfranchised. Whether it was out of a pure sense of civic duty, or some Machiavellian investment in your future political career doesn't matter. It was done.

I love you, Barack Hussein Obama, because you roll up the sleeves on your dress shirt, and so do I. I think it is a cool way of saying "I'm workin' hard, and you can tell, because you can see my forearms!" Anybody who wears their shirtsleeves rolled up is okay in my book, as are most people who do things that I do, or approve of.

I love you, Barack Hussein Obama, because you say things, and you say them in a way that makes me feel funny inside. I've got to be honest, because that's what love is all about, Barack Hussein Obama. I wasn't completely sold on you until that acceptance speech at the DNC. It gave me a political boner, and all of your speeches, press conferences, and addresses to Congress since have left me no less aroused.

Your words have touched me in a place, and a manner that I dare not even touch myself. Your speeches are, in fact, so eloquent that they need not be so substantive, and the fact that, despite this, you still choose to add jelly to the donuts that are your words is just one more reason why I love you, Barack Hussein Obama.

I love you, Barack Hussein Obama, because you are cool, so cool, in fact, that I wish I could follow you around, the Chachi to your Fanzie. In the foregone days of the campaign, regardless of how much you were gibed, insulted, jeered, and taunted by your opponents, you didn't react. You didn't even break a sweat, knowing, full well, that you were, for lack of a better word, cool, and your opponents were little more than the satanic coupling of a posturing, post-credible, geriatric, and a walking, talking, political pander.

I love you, Barack Hussein Obama, for these reasons and more, some of which I could express now, and others which you have yet to provide me. Regardless of how, or when you give me further foundation for my admiration, I'm sure there will be no shortage of it.

Barack Hussein Obama, I HeteroManLove you.